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Graphic design, marketing, and printing. This is what we do and we do it well.

Nathan Hess

Founder, Artistic Solution Provider
Nathan started Hess Design Studio with the idea of connecting clients with their creative needs and helping those who were unsure of their direction. He has been designing and creating since childhood and is blessed to have a career that grows and furthers the creative spirit. Honesty, integrity and trust are of utmost importance to him and he tries to exemplify those traits throughout the company.

Our Motivation

Since 2007, Hess Design Studio has been in business helping clients achieve their artistic vision and provide strong marketing materials. We strive to provide our clients with top-notch design services, the highest quality printing and the very best customer service. Whether your needs are design-oriented, print-focused or both, HDS can assist you and provide you with what you need. We respond to emails and calls quickly, offer transparent pricing without hidden fees and will always have the customer's best interests in mind. Are you looking for a long-term source for design and printing? Look no further; you have arrived!

Our Products

Besides top-notch, cutting-edge print, digital, and web design services, we offer printing for a wide variety of products. Here is a list of a few categories. 

If you don’t see what you are looking for or if you have questions; just ask!

Business Cards · Flyers · Brochures · Banners · Posters · Letterhead · Postcards · Envelopes · Booklets · Websites · Advertisements · Forms · Documents · Magazines · Direct Mail · Presentation Folders · Signs · Rack Cards


Branding is of utmost importance in today's connected business world. The design of your materials is a major part of your brand and visibly sets you apart from other companies. We offer cutting edge graphic design services that offer powerful impact and recognition. Whether it is a business card layout or a full advertising campaign, we will get you noticed


Print is dead. Long live print! It is digital era, but printed materials are still an integral part of our business. From marketing pieces that are distributed throughout the world, to internal documents and forms, printing is a part of our lives. We offer top-quality printing and competitive pricing for a wide variety of products.


In this digital age, marketing needs to be distributed physically as well as digitally. We can help you with both. Physical and digital pieces require different specifications and execution for maximum results. We can produce pieces that will be effective in a client's hand or on any variety of screen sizes and locations.


Whether it is a direct mail campaign or a full-on, multi-faceted advertising campaign, you need to get the word out for your products and services. We are ready to assist with whatever marketing needs your company may have. From concept to execution, we have the creative skills and the production ability to hep you achieve the goals you have.

How We Work

The Beginning
We determine what you need, through face-to-face meetings, phone conversations and e-mail exchanges. Information is gathered on the design or product that and a project roadmap is created. We put all the details into our scheduling and tracking interface. All assets and materials are gathered, gone through and the creative process begins...
In Progress
Brainstorming, research and creative flow are integral. We begin coming up with design concepts and mocking up layouts. We keep in constant communication with you and send drafts out as we refine the design. Your comments and ideas are considered and factored in as the first draft transforms into a completed project.
To Completion
The creative elements have come together and layouts are adapted to their respective channels. Printed pieces are sent into production, social media ads are uploaded and web code is created. Everything comes together and is delivered to you in its final form. Your deadline has been met, you have the materials you need and you are a satisfied customer.

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